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Dragon Code has not been updated or worked on in over 15 years. It is still available for download for educational purposes, or to use as a base-code for projects. It can still be compiled on modern servers with minimal tweaking, but we do suggest the code is updated and made more secure for Live environments these days.

Dragon Code is a Telnet Talker base code.

A talker is a chat system that people use to talk to each other over the Internet. Dating back to the 1980s, they were a predecessor of instant messaging.

A talker is a communication system precursor to MMORPGs and other virtual worlds such as Second Life. Talkers are a form of online virtual worlds in which multiple users are connected at the same time to chat in real-time. People log into the talkers remotely (usually via telnet), and have a basic text interface with which to communicate with each other.

The early talkers were similar to MUDs with most of the complex game machinery stripped away, leaving just the communication level commands — hence the name “talker”.


What is Dragon Code? and where does it come from??
Well in 1997 Trefor Southwell (Tref) decided to work on his own talker base code. This code he called TK, and along with the help of a few friends from the net he created the talker TK. TK was latter renamed TimeWarp after Tref got talking to one of the other coders, one Wayne Owens (Pendragon).TimeWarp was hosted and coded on a flevel machine (asimov.flevel.co.uk 1234) and was slowly becoming a stable if small base code. With the closure of Flevel (timewarps host site) TimeWarp was lost.That is untill Colin May (Rael) and Wayne Owens (Pendragon) decided to reserect it on a new site (timewarp.whiting.co.uk 1234). Unfortunatly the copy of the TimeWarp base code thay had was old and incomplete, so Pendragon and Rael decided to write their own base code, and so Dragon Code was created..

Why The name Dragon Code??
Why not??The Name Dragon Code came about over a period of time when the test code had a new name almost every other week. Basically every time the code was updated it was called by whatever name sprang into the mind of either Pendragon or Rael. But it was decided that when the code was ready to be released it needed a name.. and so Pendragon’s Talker Code (as it was sometimes called) was shortend to Dragon Code.!!

Who is responsable for it??
Dragon Code and it’s test site ‘TimeWarp’ are the responsibilty of the team of Pendragon and Rael. All code-updates and extras are added by Pendragon after discussing them with Rael, Then together they will bug-test and fix. Since Pendragon concentrates mainy on the code, All maters dealing with the Test Site and such are delt with by Rael.

Where can i see it running??
Well The Main Test Site for Dragon Code, and it’s modifications or new code is the talker ‘TimeWarp’ a talker based on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You can connect and take a look at Dragon Code by telneting to ‘timewarp.spod.org 1234‘ once online, you can ask any questions you may have to either Pendragon or Rael. They both know the code and can help with any problems or query’s you may have…


By using this code you agree to all the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions supercede any others that may have been imposed by previous versions of the code that were released unless otherwise stated.

i) This code is in *NO* way supported by anybody who has ever coded it. You use it entirely at your own risk, and in doing so agree to indemnify ALL the people who have contributed coding time against any proceedings that may result due to the use or misuse of this code. We are *NOT* responsible!

ii) The code is provided on an ‘as is’ basis. It is not guaranteed to work, or not to. This could mean it will completely screw up the machine you run it on. Don’t come crying to anyone, we’re NOT responsible.

iii) Feel free to redistribute the code. BUT please include all the files, and make clear any changes you have made to them. By preference point people to where you got this from, so they can have an unadulterated copy, (that, or YOU are responsible for any questions they may ask).

iv) You MUST give credit to the following people in your message of the day, (and must always include something like a message of the day for this purpose).

  • Wayne Owens – aka Pendragon the originator of the code

v) In a ‘help credits’ or similar you must also mention the following people:

  • Wayne Owens (Pendragon) – the originator of the code
  • Colin May (Rael) – Code Tester.
  • Trefor Southwell (tref) – The person who came up with the idea for a NEW talker Base code.

(basically you just need to give credit where credit is due) You may of course credit the entire lot in your message of the day as well, but you’ll end with a rather large one *8-P.)


Name: Dragon Code
Author: Wayne “Pendragon” Owens
Code Size: 1060825 Bytes
Bin Size: 380052 Bytes

Name: Dragon Code
Author: Wayne “Pendragon” Owens
Code Size: 1448656 Bytes
Bin Size: 380052 Bytes

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